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SALE 1002 Planar MedicalScientific RTS 2828



I am, sadly, switching over to digital SLR (Canon EOS). So I'm selling/trading my Contax gear.

The 100/2 Planar is, as most of you know, one of the finest lenses ever designed -- in every respect (including bokeh!) it outperforms the famous 85/1.4. This is an AE version, made in Germany. (This version is considered by some -- I think this is just superstition, frankly -- the best iteration of this optic). It is in Mint- condition, with pristine glass.

My RTS I is a rare Medical/Scientific model. The advantages are a raised ring around the shutter button, making it much less likely to fire off a whole roll by mistake in your bag, *and*: a heavy-duty shutter, designed to withstand a zillion or so cycles. (I forget the exact number, but it's on a whole different level from the ordinary RTS.) Mechanically perfect, a bit challenged cosmetically: no major dings, but it's missing the black insert over one of the dials (I think it's the ASA dial -- don't have it here to check).

Lastly, selling a 28/2.8 AE, in mint- condition. Outperforms virtually every other 28/2.8 out there (check

Make me an offer! I'd prefer to keep it together as a kit, but I'm open. And I'd be up for trading for EOS equipment -- especially a digital body, but I'd also look at other stuff.

Check out my ebay feedback underusername "visigoth".

PLease contact me offlist at:

Douglas Anthony Cooper
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Hi all,

The 100/2 Planar and RTS Medical/Scientific are available again. (I arranged a trade, but it fell through.) Once again, I am happy to sell them -- make an offer -- but I would prefer to trade for Canon EOS equipment (professional gear only, preferably digital).

I would also look at other Contax bodies, and an 85/1.4 -- my eyes are not that great these days, and it's easier for me to focus a 1.4 lens, and a bright screen. (The RTS is not dark -- it's brighter than an Aria -- but other bodies seem to be a bit better this way.)


I've been asked to put a price on the Planar 100/2 and the RTS Medical/Scientific:

100/2 Planar: $925
RTS: $350


Oh, and I have a ratty but optically perfect 50/1.7 as well...


I take it the 28/2.8 is no longer available then? Anyone else have an old AE they don't need any more?

Adam F


Active Member
If you want to get the Distagon AE 28/2,8, check eBay with my auction. Username is "martin.palm".