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Salt Shaker


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Hi all,
SD14 70-300mm 1600ISO
processed in SPP


  • bw salt.JPG
    bw salt.JPG
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Thanks Steaphany,
No noise but in the color version the wooden parts of the shaker had greenish and magenta tints to it, which I think is normal for the high iso settings.
I can still see some banding in the bokeh though, but not so bad.


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Wow! I've only taken one shot at 1600 and the noise was so bad it looked like a photo from a cell phone camera. I vowed never to use it after that. You've opened my eyes to the potential.

And it's a great picture! Nice play of the details against broad smooth surfaces. The reflection on the table is genius!



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Thanks Jesse,
To be honest I don't use anything above 400 for color. If I think something would look good in black and white and I don't want to use a flash I go with the 800-1600. I know what you mean about the cellphone pics. lol.


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Very good low noise for the ISO! Very nice reflections, on the second look I studied the pic much more closely as I wanted to see the detailed insignia. That is when I noticed the reflections in the back, on the right. The dominant feature seems to be the reflection in front, the ones on the right are very subtle, almost hidden in the shadows, adds a lot of depth and character to this photo.

I like the way my eye was drawn down the reflection in the front, then to the right along the insignia inlay on the bottom, and then up the reflection on the right side, into the shadows, and then left pondering: Is there another shaker behind the first? Or is it another reflection playing against the surface?

Nice photo!!


ps, I have had my share of cell phone experiments too! :)


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Thanks Robert!
The reflections are off of a thick plastic sheet on the dining table. I was pleased that they turned out so well, since the plastic is wavy and tends to distort reflections.
And there is a second shaker! lol a pepper shaker.