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Same Old Daffs - New (old) Lens


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Daffodil images are a dime a dozen, I know! :lame:

However, this is a test of the old Tele-Takumar 300/6.3. This is an uncoated lens, and is the usual long tube of a lens from the heydays of Pentax telephoto equipment.

I'm sure that the Sigma SD-14 and Foveon sensor has added features that bring out the dimensionality, but I also feel that this old lens is surprisingly sharp. Since the daffodils wee somewhat on the same plane, I was able to keep most of the depth-of-field concomitant with the group of flowers.

The "old lenses" still can show good results and I am pleased with the rendering of this lens, even if it is a pretty slow lens. :)

Sigma SD-14
Pentax Tele-Takumar 300/6.3


  • Daff_Tele-Tak_6_3_at_f_8.jpg
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Hi Laurence,

those are just glowing, that is an interesting choice of lens, it worked well!! the grouping really worked with you.

good luck with your pictures,


Guest .

A nice shot with a nice lens Laurence!

It really has this distinctive SIGMA-look.

See you with nice pictures