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SB 24 on D80


Finaly I bought me a D80, tought it would never happen to me.
Can I still use my SB-24 on it (ttl) ??
I also have a metz 45 with sca for F80, can I use this flash ttl on my D80.
Thanks for your info


New Member
As long as the trigger voltage isn't too high you should be able to use the SB-24 however you won't get TTL metering and will have to enter the settings manually on the flash. That's my understanding FWIW.


> There's Auto settings in SB-24 menu which You can succesfully use, > because You cannot use TTL metering. It's working, but not balancing

> other sources of light. You can use Your metz with the same setting.

> good luck k