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SB800 Problem


New Member
Hello All,
I’m hoping someone can help me with a problem I’m having with my SB-800.

The flash appears to be locked up, but still fires although with no control. I have tried the un-lock procedure described in the manual – nothing works.

The display shows the following:

Upper left, MRPT A RPT

Upper right, ch 4 (arrow symbol) & light symbol
Stby 80

Lower left, 1/8

Lower right, F5.6 (lock symbol
zoom 35mm

As I said, I’ve tried everything in troubleshooting, including changing batteries with power on, and using four or five batteries.

As to how the flash got in this condition, I put it away working fine and a couple of weeks later this is the condition that appeared when I next turned it on. I’d love to avoid mailing the unit back to Nikon.

Thanks, Vern Swick


I bought a pair of speedlights, the SB-800 and SB-600, for my Coolpix 8800 camera. The SB-800, attached to the camera hotshoe, should act as a master to the SB-600, sitting off camera. If the SB-800 is not connected to the hotshoe, I can select the menu that sets the 800 as master, and when it flashes, the slave 600 flashes. But as soon as I attach the SB-800 to the 8800 hotshoe, the menu choice to set it as master vanishes. I can't discover any flash or camera mode that enables me to set the SB-800 as master once it is in the hotshoe. Bummer. Otherwise the SB-800 operates fully automatically as it should. Any suggestions about how I can use the pair of speedlights as master and slave?


I apologize for the duplicate. I thought I'd posted to separate forums.