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Scanning 6x6 medium format negatives.

Cyril Jayant

Well-Known Member
Anyone knows a good Negative Scanning service for Medium quality CCD scans for 6x6 films in London?

And just one more questions. Someone with experience can tell me is it worth wile using the places where you can book your time to hire and use a Flexilight HB scanners by hourly basic? It doesn't sound bad as the cost per hour is £35 +VAT.

What I mean is how long it takes to scan just one image to a 200 Mb scan for an example?
Being some one new ( I have never done the HB scanner ,my scanner is Nikon Coolscan v Ed ) Is it complicating than the normal general scan software ?

I don't know how fast the scan soft ware with the present Mac operating systems.
If i can do several scans within an hour i think it is not bad at all.

Perhaps some one with the flexilight Scanners can help me explaining answering this .

Thanks for the time if someone comes out.:D


Well-Known Member
Look for a scan place that has a Imacon Flextight 949 (or the newer Hasselblad version) ... it is the fastest desktop scanner in the world. You can hardly prep the next neg before it is done scanning the previous one : -)

The 848 is also very good, but is slower and lacks the better diffused light source of the 949, which produces scans that look more like an analog enlarger was used.

Some places have the multiple film holder accessory so you can load multiple films and the scanner then scans non-stop.