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Scanning mounted Slides


New Member
I'm new here so forgive me if I've missed the answer to this. I've done some searches but not found anything pertinent.

I've a few hundred 120 mounted slides I'd like to digitize. Unfortunately I've had no luck finding a way to do this. I realize a high end film scanner would do it but I can't spend that much.

I had hoped the Epson V500 would do it but no dice.

The only thing I can think of is a light table and shoot them direct with my D700 and macro.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Welcome here Abouna,

If budget permits the later V700 or V750 scanners from Epson offer good quality scans.
Retailprice is well below 1000 USD.
I suppose there must be used Epson scanners for sale by now at friendly prices.


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As far as I know all scanners use their own holders.
I know this is bad news especially if the number of slides to be scanned is large :z04_schlaumeier:


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I've had pretty good luck just laying mounted 6x6 slides on the glass of myCanon 8800F. I would think the same thing would work with just about any scanner. I only had 50 or so to do. If it was more I would have made a simple cardboard frame to position them parallel with the scanner's axis.

(The photo was shot in 1968. I've since learned to hold the camera level :)


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I have a V700 and have scanned mounted slides. The bad news are that mounted slides gives poorer scans than unmounted. This can be due to at least two reasons, the scanner is somewhat dependent upon distance to focusing plane giving a different distance with mounted slide compared to those scanned with dedicated fitting. Can maybe be overcome with adjusting height of slides. Secondly I found a worse contrast that I attributed to flare of the glass in the slide mounts. Bottom line is that I got better scans by removing slides from the slide mounts. For keepsake pictures they are OK but not for high quality. These are my findings - anyone who observed otherwise?