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Scanning question commercial use



Hello all,
Typically when I shoot for a commercial purpose, I shoot (or request) transparencies/slides, or get digital images provided.

Recently, I did a shoot for portrait work and since it was destined to hang on a wall as a print, I shot Fuji Portrait NPS 160.

The client now wants to also use this portrait in a commercial piece we are doing now.

Here is my question - how should I have this scan produced to provide the best quality? I really haven't had to work from print film and negs to get scans done in so long, I can't remember how to handle this. Produce a print, and get a drum scan? Or? ??

Sorry to be dense about this - but I'd appreciate some feedback.




AFAIK best would be a drum scan of the neg, made by an appropriate service bureau.
For sure you should absolutely avoid scanning the print.