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Sculpture 3


Hi, my eagerly awaited Sigma 8-16 mm has arrived! it was meant to be with me last week but there were issues with the delivery that pushed my patience a little. I thought I would shoot the sculpture again. My 17-70 was unable to fit this into the frame as there is a restricted amount of space to move back in from this angle. The 8-16 managed the to frame the whole object with room to spare. I shot from about 15 foot away. I did not try to correct the distortion and for some bizarre reason I shot this as a jpg! A pure accident and I must have done it while in quick menu.

The others are the anchor points for the sculpture and a clock tower you can seen in the lower left hand side of the first image. The latter was shot from 10 foot away again I decided to leave the distortion. I have feeling I am going to have fund with this lens!


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