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SD-14 Arrived


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The camera came in late this afternoon via UPS. I will open it tomorrow on a ferry ride across Puget Sound to Seattle, as that will give me time to make sure all is well.

I paid $349 for the camera (body only, with accessories), which is brand new. I have looked at prices, and that seems like a fair price to me.

I already have 4 BP-21 batteries from my old Minolta A-1, which are compatible with the Sigma, so that's a nice thing.

I also have an assortment of Compact Flash cards, as well as a couple of Micro-Drives which MIGHT fit as well.

An M42 adapter is on its way from Poland, as well as a "less robust" adapter from Austrailia. I am anticipating a lot of fun with the M42 lenses that I have.

Next up for purchase (as soon as I save enough money) will be the Sigma 10-20 lens, which would give me a wonderful wide angle range from the equivalent of 17mm to 34mm.

I am also interested in the Sigma 50/1.4 because it would be a fine mid-telephoto lens (85mm equivalent) with a very fast aperture. I've heard mostly good things about the 50/1.4.

Stay tuned, I'll give a report.


Guest .

Hi Larry,

congratulations to your SD14! :)

The SIGMA 10-20mm EX DC is the most sensible lens to go for at first, since there really is no alternative available ... M42-tricks or so ... :)

See you with your first SD14 picture results! ;)



Hi Larry,
congrats to your SD14 too.
On MicroDrives: They work within the SD14,no question,but they draw a lot of power.
Good luck with the SD14


Well-Known Member
Congratulations, Larry!

All of us will be looking forward to your first experiments with it.
Enjoy it!

Kind regards,