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SD1/DP1/DP2 Merrill codecs


New Member
As only SPP can be used to extract RAW at this point, I wonder whether the resulting TIFF can be properly converted to JPEG XR , namely no artifact and the purpose being color & dynamic range integrity.

The Microsoft 16.4.1620.0719 & Adobe Lightroom & Camera RAW 4.2 codecs pre-releases still do not include the Merrill sensor and because of chroma noise and the under-saturated spatial denoise resulting in heavy matrixing, besides aliasing resulting from lack of OLPF, the RAW conversion is extremely critical for these Foveon sensors.
Also FPV responded as follows last week :
Our support for Foveon is limited to previewing only. Full decoding is not possible due to licensing restrictions. We typically release several updates per year for camera compatibility. There is always some lag between camera releases and the corresponding software updates from third parties.
Thank you for your interest in FastPictureViewer products,
The FPV Team

At least if someone could vouch for the workflow using TIFF to JPEG XR or DNG with no perceptible degradation, I don't mind the TPP slowness ; I'll work off RAM Disk and the fastest Xeons.