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SD1 Raws available to download and view....!!


Carl Rytterfalk has Raw Packs you can download and view in the new SPP 5.0 version.

There are some nice daylight shots that are stunning in bright sunlight and a couple of packs (zip files that have about 5 images in each). There are some that are long exposure about 10 seconds and others in busy streets asia.

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Be interested to see what people think, I downloaded some and the bright daylight ones are stunning ( a couple of portraits), however even @ ISO 100 if you turn down the noise reduction to minimum on both Chroma and Luminence I feel there is still NR being applied to shadow areas especially at ISO 200.

Some of the long exposure shots are great but even after white balancing on neutral areas I see the magenta appearing in the shadows in some cases. However this monitor I use right now will not profile correctly so I would be very interested to see how others see the pictures.

All the best