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SD10 HI and LO res. image quality at ISO1600 compared


Active Member
Posted this on dpReview but thought it might be of interest here . .

Ignoring the screams of agony coming out the SD10, I advanced it's ISO setting to 1600, probably for the first time in it's life and certainly in mine. In the following image, feel free to guess which part of the image, upper or lower, was taken in LO res:


In the following image, do observe the classic Foveon "almost red" (15 degs hue, i.e. a muddy orange) in the upper part - compared to the nice red (3 degs hue) in the lower part.


My faith in LO res shots for the web is confirmed - why use more?

best regards,



Well-Known Member
Ted nice work...I bet the second image in both was probably low Res...interesting ...

Thanks for sharing...Tony C.