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SD14 CF Formatting problem


New Member
First off, hi everybody

I've recently purchased a new SD14 but it seems to be having problems formatting the CF cards, So far i have purchased 4 8Gb Scandisk cards yet i've only managed to format 2 on the camera so that they will hold photos. i've tried re-formatting the duff ones on the computer which works fine, but when i put it through the camera still no joy.

Is this a known problem on the SD14's? should i be usding smaller cards?

I have checked the camera and it does have the latest firmware in it.


I use sandisk 8GB extreme III, they work fully in 8GB.

I do have some strange issues with corrupted photo's, but nobody (Sandisk or Sigma) seems to have a solution for it.


Well-Known Member

I went back to using 4gig PNY or Sandisk extreme III 8 gig cards gave me too many issues...I just carry three 4 gig cards...

Second...turn off image review...this will let you snap more shots before the dreaded write for-ever issue with camera...I try to keep my shots down to three at a time...let the camera write the info then procced PNY are 266x read/write and seem to work great with the camera...

Good us your pictures..!!! :z04_photos:

Tony C. :z04_cowboy:


Well-Known Member
LOL...I love the lego wedding shot....if that is with the SD14 that would be an awesome post...:z04_whis_gummikau02

Tony C.
I actually send in my SD14 into repair, because of the disk-error (and another minor thing). Received it repaired, problem with the card persisted. Send it back (again) because of the error and another problem, and received a new unit.

Still the error with the card is here. In the mean time (as result of long repair times) I bought a second SD14 (second hand), has the same problem. All had the latest firmware.

So, what's wrong then:
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The cards are SanDisk Extreme III 8GB 30MB/s - 1-866-270-5532
I have three of them, same things.

I will replace them with other Brand CF cards, as these are not creating a positive environment. Just too bad, as they were not cheap.

About the wedding puppet, yes, with SD14. We were just married :z04_herz: and had some fun with some presents :)


Well-Known Member
Scooby-Doo; I would get 4gig I said never have had an issue with those...I have both PNY & Sandisk....but from your link the picutre looks like it was a read/write you might have taken too many shots in a row..and the camera took too long to write the photos...I get the lines like that when that happens...Unfortunately...that is the issue with the SD14 it can not be just have to compose your shot and take it...then wait for it to write...then...take the an old film camera...:z04_smileys26:

Tony C.