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SD14 freezing

Mine works fine...

First flash tho is always different then other flashes, either to low or to bright. For your error, I would guess something with CF card ? Or Firmware...

Good luck


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ag70....There are several discussions here about the SD14 and Freezing...most of the time it is due to the write cycle of the can only get about 3 to 6 shots before the camera has to catch-up and when using the internal flash...this is cut to 2 to 4 shots....don't know why...using the flash cuts down the amount of shots but I have experienced it many times...

The Buffer on the SD14 is small and the transfer times from the buffer are combat this I use x266 or x300 speed cards or 30sec to 40sec cards...this helps a little on the write time...but you just have to compose your shot and take can not Spray and Pray like with other camera systems..

Let us know if this helps or does not...

Tony C. :z04_cowboy: