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SD14 or SD15


New Member

I'm considering getting into the Foveon world, I shoot film currently.

Is the SD15 worth the extra cash compared to a SD14? I don't see secondhand SD14s come up very often in the UK, but when they, do they are SO much cheaper than a new SD15, is it worth the extra cash for the SD15.

I'd like to save the cash as I also fancy the 30mm 1.4 to go with it.

Thanks for any opinions.



Well-Known Member
I own an SD14...also...I have talked with several people that own both...button placement is different on both models...this is not an issue..since you get used to the one you use...also...the green/red issues in the SD14 are far less in the SD15...not enough to make me jump to it...though...if you get used to SPP (Sigma Photo Pro) you can fix these issues...the buffer and transfer speed is greatly improved in the's no Nikon D300 or Sony A900 which I have owned both...but it is faster than the SD14...

Personally you can get the SD14 cheaper and learn to work around the issues with it...just remember you are shooting with a digital camera that acts and feels like a film camera...and your pictures will turn-out good..!!!

PS if you want to spend the 1K USD price you might wait till the SD1 comes out....

Tony C....:z04_cowboy: