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SD14 problem


I have a problem with my one and half year old Sigma SD14 (it’s out of 1-year warranty coverage). Initially the camera gave me some trouble while I was trying to take pictures in cold outdoor (temp was about -10C). The shutter refused to operate. But the camera started working properly once it came indoor.
Last few months my camera was working very erratically. Sometimes it takes pictures and sometimes it simply refuses. Yes, without any environmental adverse condition. Finally I realized that I cannot take pictures if I aim the lens downward. Even a minor tilt (about 5 degree) is now a problem. Sommetimes the camera refuses to work when I aim up (e.g flower on a tree above my head). I talked to Sigma USA. They told me to send the camera to them to New York. They can give me any estimate on cost and time for repair once they receive the camera. I am a bit hesitant at this moment. Firstly the cost of a new SD14 is low now and if my repair cost comes near the new price then it makes no sense to get the old one repaired. I am also thinking to buy SD15, replacing my old SD14. In that case Sigma USA probably will not give me any opportunity to buy-back my SD14. BTW, Sigma USA still not sure when the new SD15 will be available in US market. Any suggestion?


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You hit the nail on the head...I don't know if you would rather have one in warrantee or not....I would say fixing something like that might cost more than it is worth...or might not....

Do you have a local camera repair place you trust to take a look at it..??

I would think the repair would at least cost you $150.00...when a new one from Camenta Camera out of New York is only $400.00....

I would do a local shop just to get a good estimate...

Good Luck...

Tony C.


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Be careful with less than normal prices.

When I purchased my SD14 back in October of 2008, I did find dealers with prices in the $400US range. This was before Sigma even announced the SD15. I came to the conclusion that these better looking deals were grey market imports which Sigma would void any warranties or at best the warranty was supposed to be backed by some third party company.

I just checked and here are the current SD14 sale price:

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Click on both links to see the product page from each store to get the most current info.

I searched both the
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web site and their
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for SD14 and nothing comes up.

If a new SD14 with full Sigma warranty is still in the $700US range, you may want to reconsider replacing the defective camera with a grey.

BTW, B&H Photo does have a product listing for the SD15 but it lacks price and availability date

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Looks to me like no one is dumping their SD14 inventory pending the immediate release of the SD15.

BTW, how many shutter operations have you gone through ? I've shot several time lapse with my SD14 so I'm clearly in the tens of thousands of operations.


Hi Tony. Thanks for your comments. I will search for local fix for the camera. But I am not sure if I can trust them. In general I am not in much favor too repairing any electronic gadget like TV, music system, laptop, mobile phone etc. My experience that such repair is not cost worthy and the equipment never regains its original performance. I do prefer to sell that staff (preferably before it’s totally broken down) at whatever price I get and then buy a new one, preferably from a better, trust worthy brand.
In reality, I am not much happy with my SD14 from operation point of view and robustness; although it can take beautiful pictures (particularly the color reproduction). I used Pentax K20D and I think that’s a better camera from many angles and I could not find any difference in color reproduction either between SD14 and K20D; but, I think, K20D is way ahead in robustness and many other features. Of course there was difference in lens (I checked Sigma DC EX 30mm 1.4 with SD14 and DA star 16-50mm 2.8 lens with K20D).
I am thinking to get rid of my whole Sigma kit (Camera, lens and Sigma specific accessories) and shift to Pentax. Particularly considering Pentax has just launched K7 digital SLR with better features with more robust built. I hope the price will come down within 6 months (within $ 1000). In the mean time I like to see SD15 (I hope it will make within Oct 2009). Lets see how it's priced.

Thanks Steaphany for your comments. I used about 2000 shutter operations. I think that is not very high. I purchased the camera from Cameta camera. Cameta Camera is an “authorized” Sigma dealer (as per Sigma website). I had genuine sell receipt and warranty (although the waranty is expired now). Recently I noticed that Sigma is ready to extend its warranty only for its lenses but not for its cameras. It does indicate, to me at least, that Sigma has less confidence on its own camera. It makes me little more nervous to stick to Sigma cameras. I do not expect a huge improvement in SD15 either, so far robustness is concerned. Pentax and some other digital SLRs (and lenses) are “weather proof”. It seems that technology is still beyond Sigma’s reach (for both camera and lenses).
It seems that Cemeta camera is not selling SD14 anymore and the price for SD15 has increased a lot from other sources (as you mentioned). It may be a sales strategy for Sigma before launching SD15.


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3 years warranty

My SD14 (kit with 18-200DC OS) came from Germany and had 3 years warranty...


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Hi Tony,
I took the camera to a local repair shop. The technician gave me and estimate of $250 (without any major part, if needed) and told that the problem seem to lie with the shutter or sensor mechanism.
I came back and was trying to understand the problem in more detail at home. I did a through cleaning with the mirror “locked up” (without touching the sensor of course). There is a rectangular hole. I cleaned that part too with a blow brush. The camera is now working properly. Thanks :)


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Cool....I am glad the camera works can touch the glass that is in front of the sensor...the sensor is actually in-cased in a protected areabut if you scratched the glass that would posse a problem....just be careful....

I am glad it works...I look forward to seeing your pictures..

Tony C. :z04_cowboy: