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SD14 studio experience, forced jpg use.


New Member
Hi guys. I don't often post here, but I sometimes come over to see what Klaus is writing. :) Now, I wanted to advertise a couple of posts I made over at about my forced jpeg use in Studio. Sounds strange? Well, seams to be daily food for Canon Nikon people and suddenly I'm in the same corner fighting for survival.

There is now two parts done and a third is on it's way. I think my experience might be useful for others having problems with jpgs when no time for RAW.
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. Anyone had the same experience or anything related to share?

I must add that owning Sigma cameras since they first arrived back in 2002 and still feel like a new-bee when it comes to jpg shooting. Strange. I even think I would dare using JPEG from now on with not so important sessions. what a time saver. :D