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I read about the Foveon sensors early on in their development, and then lost track of them. In 2008 I purchased a Canon 40D, and enjoy it to this day.

Late last year I was looking for a pocket camera, and saw the DP series. I was close to buying one of those, when an opportunity to buy an SD14 with a couple of lenses presented itself.

While lacking some of the bells and whistles of the Canons, there is something I really like about this camera. Image quality has a feel that I can't seem to get elsewhere. While I wish it had live view, I also like that the Sigma makes me think more about my photography. With the higher frame rate of the Canon, it is a matter of spray and pray, when photographing action. With the Sigma, to get a good image, I have to anticipate, to time my shots, to actually become part of the process, rather than just fire away. I am enjoying the process of photographing much more with this camera. It is a little less forgiving, but when I do it right I am rewarded with visibly better images.


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ambaker....I could not have said it better myself...the SD14 makes you stop and smell the flowers...which is somthing that we forget about today...

I am with you...while it's not the best makes taking pictures fun again...I can't wait for the SD1...

Tony C. :z04_cowboy:


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exactly! It takes me back to when I first learned how to take a picture with my trusty Pentax K1000. I don't even use auto focus with it, and I shoot a lot of my kids baseball, and football games. It gives the quality and feel of film since it records like the emulsion of film. I to am eagaerly awaiting the SD1, this will be my third Sigma as I also own a Sigma SD9.