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SD15 - Collecting your questions



We will get a Sigma SD15 in a couple of days. Since we do not have that much time to take thousands of pictures at the beginning in this short time, we will try to focus on stuff, that you are interested in the most.

AFAIK only usr D~C has a SD15 at the moment. So for him this will be also worth it.

What kind of stuff are you interested in before making a buying decision? With which camera you want to compare it (i.e. SD14, Sony A850, Olympus E620 etc.) and in which situation would you like to see images?

What kind of shots & crops would be the most interesting comparisons for you?

Although we cannnot promise anything, we will at least try in our free time to make as many shots as possible. Hopefully when the camera arrives, the weather will be good in Germany...

So just post here whatever is interesting for you. If you could prioritize it, it would makes it easier for us. Bear in mind, we do this in our free time after our normal job. So time and possibilities are limited ;)

Best wishes



Good initiative!

I am interested to know if we can shoot tethering with the new SD15, not wireless, but connected directly on a computer.




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Sébastien...I may be able to answer this one....first here are the picture of an SD15...taken from
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Views of the camera...




As you can see the connections are all the same as the SD14...the differences between the two cameras...
1. 3" LCD
2. True II imaging
3. SD
4. Ergonomic updates on the back of the camera
5. Larger buffers
6. Better read/write (faster)
7. Don't know if this is true...what I have read and heard...better handling of the Red's...

Now that could write a program that utilized the USB + Video-Out + Wireless/Wired shutter control...all in one to a usb, firewire, or wirless to the computer...the insides of the SD14 (and I would think the SD15) are somewhat simple and easy to move around...not a lot to it...compared to Sony/Nikon...

Image of the inside of my SD14 taken last year....just on-top of the camera you can see the two circuit boards that drive everything for the camera....there a a few odd ones for focus and flash control..but the two I mentioned are the main ones....


If you know someone that is circuit designer or engineer...I don't think it would be too difficult to put a third party extra inside to do the same thing...

I know a few people that were going to work on this...I have not heard anything from I don't know if they succeeded or not...

If I am wrong on this please let me know....

Tony C. :z04_cowboy:


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SD14. Presumably same scene (including blue sky) and same lens. And SD10 - somehow feels that SD15 shares some SD10 color reproduction ideas, but I've not seen any direct comparisons so far.

Comparing to Canon 550D and Pentax K-7 or K-x would be interesting too. Or Nikon D90. Sony and Olympus do not sell here well :)

Sure I'll be interested in some SD15 raw files either.



yesterday evening, I did sone quick shots with the SD15 and some compariosn shots with the SD14. Raw files only.

I uploaded the RAW files as zipped files and you can download them now.

Please bear in mind, that the purpose of these snapshots was just to give an indication of what we can epect from the SD15 in terms of colours (i.e. grafitty wall), reds (streetsigns, red car etc.) and ISO noise (cars/autos).

The purpose was not to make art :)

I used the following lenses:

  • Zeiss ZS 35/2.0 with M42 adapter. Almost always at F4, very seldom at F5.6 This is te same lens as you can buy also in Nikon, Canon and Pentax mount for digital SLRs.
  • Sigma 50-150/2.8 HSM II. Almost always with F4.

As long as it was not the same picture with different ISOs, I treid to shoot always with ISO 100. In the SD15 I have set the camera to no processing at all and Neutral colours.

The images are not adjusted or whatsoever. Plain Raw, only zipped with "7-zip" and uploaded.

More images will come and more images about the camera itself and its features compared to the SD14.

So play with teh RAW files. I recommend either LR3 or SPP 4.1.1.

Here is the link:

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Best wishes

P.S.: If you forward this link to someone else, please make sure that the source is also written to and shown with it:
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Here is the link to the Sigma Software download. Version SPP 4.1.1 is the current one. Althougn it is written there, you do not need a serial number for downloading. It is for Sigma cameras only anyway :)

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I have not tested yet, whether SPP 4.1.1 gives better results or LR3...

I guess that LR3 has not yet a profile for the SD15...

Best wishes


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First impression from your images (previews only, not developed yet) - SD15 has changed red color handling into orangeish (Nikonish :)) side. Same feeling from other SD15 images and comparisons on net.

I don't know yet, like I such change or not. Sure that does somewhat help for [infra]red objects, like flowers or cars or taillights, where SD14 often distorts colors; unfortunately I've seen SD15 red flowers with similar problems. Maybe SPP 4.1.1 behaves differently, I'm currently on 4.0 (and need to think, how to install them side by side :)).