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SD15: Is it enough to make me stay


New Member
A question for my fellow Sigma Users. Now that it is obvious that Sgma has lost it collective mind, is the SD15 enough of an upgrade from the SD14 for me to upgrade and stay with Sigma?

I am a SD14 user and like many of you have been waiting for the SD1 to upgrade with. Now that Sigma has broken my heart I need to know if the SD15 is enough of an upgrade, or should I cut my losses now and completely change systems?

I would love input from anybody with a SD15. I want to stay loyal but damn it I'm mad!


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hotrod4457....Sigma did this with the SD14 they came in at $1495 with it then a year later...they were about $ I don't think the SD1 will go down that low for several years...but you will probably see the price around the 2k to 3k mark...(this is just my opinion)...

Now the SD15 is an improvement over the SD14 in that it has a better buffer, uses SD cards which are cheaper, and has seemed to fix some of the issues that plague the SD14...(these issues can be overcome in post process or buy the way you shoot)...The SD14 is to the SD15 as the SD9 was to the SD10....

Personally I will not get an SD15 until it hits $500-$600 USD....not enough of an upgrade to spend 1K USD....if the SD1 comes 2K to 3K I will definitely buy it...

Personally I like the SD14 enough to keep it...and will still look at purchasing the last 4 to 5 lenses that I want for it....but I will take my time now...

I hope this helps you out a little...don't give-up on it...just pick-up a second system to compensate...I shoot as my second system the Sony a900.....

Again my two-cents - Tony C. :z04_cowboy:

PS: if you do sell - I am looking for;

1. 85 1.4
2. 50 1.4
3. 30 1.4
4. 8-16
5. 300-800



New Member

tc95: Thank you for talking me away from the edge. I feel a little better, I'm away from the ledge but still on the roof.


hang on in there.

I use both a DP1 and SD14 and like you was deflated by the asking price of the SD1. I looked around at higher resolution Bayer sensor cameras but was never totally convinced by their image quality vs foveon.
I then took a fresh look at my foveon output, and after a few calculations decided that the existing 4.7mp output was going to give me prints of sufficient size for 90% of my needs and I would not need extra resolution for that. My few trials at enlarging the file size via Photoshop gave ,to me, quite acceptable A3 prints. From this I concluded that there was no need for me to switch system purely to get higher resolution. I might have wanted switch because of the poor operational quality of Sigma cameras compared to those of most other DSLR manufacturers, but I felt I could live with that and still get good results. Clearly if you need to take sports/action photos I dont think that Sigma is likely ever to provide you with a camera fit for purpose, but for the majority of other subjects the SD14 and SD15 can be made to give very good results.
If you can get a SD15 for a good price, my advice would be for you to get it as the operational improvements over SD14 would probably make it wothwhile. If the price is too high then leave it for a few months.
If you are genuinely unhappy with the results you get from your sd14 take a good look at your work to see if it is the camera or the operator that is at fault.
I hope this helps


New Member
thank you for the comment. I enjoy my SD14 I was looking forward to the new processor to hopefully improve what I see right out of the camera witout as much adjusting in Lightroom. I was also looking forward to bigger buffers. I like the fact that it is such a manual camera, makes me think more about what I'm doing and what result I am trying to achieve. Don't sell the SD14 short either I have taken some great shots of my kids football and baseball games with it. I am leaning more towards upgrading to a SD15, but still have not made my decision and am actively comparing other systems.


Active Member
SD9 to SD15


I have four Sigma camaras, DP2, SD9, SD10 and SD15.

Honestly the SD1 didn't make my mind. There are plenty of discussions about the cost/performance ratio posts in the internet and even in this forum.

My point is that you can have all the fun you want using the old ones. For example, get a cheap SD9,SD10,SD14 or SD15, change the camera mount for a Leica-R, Nikon or whatever, install a decent manual focus screen and be free from Sigma lenses.

The difference in IQ is huge and the sensor capability will be better explored.

I think if you need a huge image quality, you should go to a real medium format camera. The SD1 samples didn't impress me.


Sold my SD14, still have my DP2s. SD14 has too many cons to justify being a good camera, never mind an excellent one. SD15 is not much better either plus it is a bit expensive. Sigma lenses are good but lots of them are having centering issues. Quality is not good enough. I am sorry to say, but I have expected Sigma to go better in every aspect, but nothing happened (besides SD1). Sony have made such a big progress, the last 5 years - should have been Sigma doing that... or if Sony gets Foveon... just day-dreaming ;)


New Member

I've just bought another SD15.....I came from Nikon (D700) and Canon (5dMkII) but I have a special feeling with SD15. I'm waiting for a decreasing price in SD1 otherwise, looking at the future, a new SDXXX.