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I just saw this post on
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I really hope this is true...but for the price that they have it for $1408.00USD I think I can hold on to my SD14 for a while...:z04_whis_gummikau02

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Picture 1.jpg

Let's hope this is true...!!! Tony C. :z04_cowboy:


Wow, this would be cool. I would have thought that Sigma will postbone it longer because of the world economiy....


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Sigma SD15 DSLR camera: Another delay?

Thursday 19th November 2009

Chris Cheesman


Photographers will have to wait even longer for Sigma's SD15 DSLR, which has been on the cards since the beginning of last year.

The SD15 - due to house the same 14-million-pixel Foveon X3 imaging sensor employed in Sigma's current SD14 model (pictured) - was first announced at PMA in 2008.

But its launch was put back until this summer following a modification to the imaging processor.

Asked whether the SD15 has been put on hold permanently a Japanese spokesman said: 'The SD15 digital SLR is in development and making good progress.

'The Japanese engineers are currently in the process of optimizing performance and image quality, ensuring the best possible results are achieved from the Foveon sensor.

'Whilst an on-sale date for the camera has never been formally published, we will announce the availability in due course.'


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I did not think they would put it out till Feb 2010....hopefully they have done some cool stuff with that the wait was worth it...:z04_whis_gummikau02

I still love my SD14...and always get wierd looks when I bring it out and shoot...:z04_photos:

It's been a while so I am catching up on Smilies...!!! :z04_smiliebath:

Tony C. :z04_cowboy: