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Seastacks in Clearing Fog - Olympic Coast


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Here is an image from the medium format Yashica Mat 124. I hope to find similar conditions when my new Sigma arrives, and when I get out to the wilderness beaches again - probably very soon!

It will be fun to compare the output with the medium format output. I know that it is really a rather "general" comparison, with all the factors that are involved, and especially the scanner capability with this particular image. My guess is that the SD-14 might have more highlight value, and possibly show a bit more dimensionality. Time will tell!


  • SeastacksandFogVertWavesLRightWeb.jpg
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Yes, Laurence, time will tell. In the meantime, I'm turning green with envy here. :)

Sincere regards, Jim R


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Hi Larry, even used to the high quality of your landscapes, you always surprise me with new wonderful shots. I'd like only to get half of the quality of your shots with the same camera... :)

Congratulations for this nice take, the atmosphere is perfect, as is the composition and color.

Jim is not the only one that turns green of envy....

Kind regards,

Guest .

WOOWW ... I am the greenest here ..... :z04_photos::z04_photos::z04_photos:

That is an impressive landscape! I like it very much!

See you with comparable SD14 pictures