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Second hand m4



hi there,
I intend to buy a 2nd hand M4. could anyone please tell me what features of the camera I should check to make sure that the camera is worth buying.

Many thanks


> You are very fortunate to be considering buying a M4. It is a great camera. An important thing to check is the slow shutter speeds from 1 sec up; the mechanism sould sound smooth without hesitations. BTW if the serial no is 1250945 the camera belongs to me. It was stolen on 6 June.


> As the owner of 2 M4's both of which were CLA'd just before I got them, I=20 > suggest you either look for one of those (since the cost of a CLA does not= add=20 > to the price a purchaser can get) or else assume you will need an immediat= e=20 > CLA and negotiate a price that factors in the cost. I turn a deaf ear to=20 > advertising claims that "shutter sounds perfect at all speeds" . Unless=20= there's=20 > paperwork to prove an overhaul by a respected Leica mechanic within the la= st=20 > couple years, figure on needing one soon. If the owner doesn't agree with= =20 > you let him sell it to someone else. I'd rather buy an M4 listed as havin= g=20 > repair issues, where the price will be low enough so you can have it fresh= ly=20 > overhauled to your satisfaction.


> [..Many thanks Louis, that seems a very sound piece of advice. Gab. ]


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I totally agree with Jay.(That is not always the case). When I purchase a used Leica, I do so thinking about the cost of a "good" CLA. I,then, sent it directly to Golden Touch(Sherry) or have the seller send it directly to her. I know that upon it's return, I will not lose any exposures(except by my own stupidity)and the camera will last my lifetime.


>Everyone always mentions the celebrated Sherry! Does she have a website/email address/postal address? Thanks.