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Seen MP in chrome



I went to Toronto yesterday to look at M series cameras.
One store has a demo Leica silver MP. I looked at this camera and found the viewfinder really good

How is the .85 finder version compared to the .72 version ? The only 2 lens I plan to use is 35mm and 50mm. Which is easier to focus?

None of the stores I went to stocked the M series.( new in box )

One of the stores had the Bessa R3A, found the finder bright and large. It is much lighter then the Leica MP.


I own a M6 0,72, and MP 0,85. The VF 0,85 is great for use up to 35 focal lenses, easier focusing, greater image. Saludos Luis


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Dan That's because the Bessa has 1:1 viewing; larger than even the .85 Leica.
I think the .72 is more useful overall.



The .72 is great for lenses up to 50mm (not to say that you can't use anything longer on it though.)

.85 vf is designed for use with lenses such as 75, 90, 135...

Ease of focusing on either of these cameras also depends, in part, on your personal eye sight...

I wear glasses and don't have a problem focusing with my .72 while using 35, 50...

On the 90 and 135... it takes a bit more effort!

The ideal kit would be to have one camera with .72 and another with .85! Of course, you could also get a .58 vf body for anything wider than a 35 too!
But, you're just planning on using 35 and 50 for the time-being. [We'll see for how long... you'll want to get a 75 or 90... eventually!

Hope this helps...