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Sekonic L208 Twinmaster meter


Well-Known Member
Has anyone had experience of using this meter in the hot shoe of a Leica M2/M3? It looks clearly labelled and well-made.


Dear Andrew,
I use a Sekonic L-208, but NOT in the hot shoe (which, by the way, is not "hot" on the M2 and M3, I don't think-- you need a cable for the flash). I tried mounting the meter like that when I first got it, and it feels awkward. It is too big and oddly shaped for that use. You CAN put it there, but it is much easier to use it as a hand-held, compact meter. It is clearly labelled and it is well made. I always carry it with me when using the M3.

If you really have to have a meter on the "hot shoe", the consensus seems to be the Voigtlander is a good choice. There has been a discussion on it in the forum...

Best regards,



Well-Known Member
Thanks for the reply, Juan. The 'hot shoe' term was a Freudian slip, borne of too much exposure to modern cameras! I meant to say 'accessory shoe'.
I've had a real problem with a meter for the M2. I did try the Voigtlander, and found it horrendous - I contributed to the thread about that, and sold it after a few weeks. I won't be buying the Sekonic - you confirmed what I guessed. I do want one which clips onto the camera, so I'll go for a Leica MR4 - ffordes have a serviced one on sale for £125. If the servicing was by a reputable company, and comes with a warranty, I'll buy it.
If only the Sekonic were smaller - I love the 'retro' meters like this.


I use the L-208 but, like Juan, found it a little too big to put on the accessory shoe. And, frankly, I think the Leica MR meters and the Voigtlander meters look silly on the accessory shoe anyway. However, I think the L-208 is great as a hand-held meter. It seems very accurate, has a nice incident reading mode, and is pocketable.