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Selling my G2 system



I have a G2 body and three lens (28,45,90) to sell and have moved to a Canon system now and do not find any more use for my wonderful G2. The body was bought about 4 months ago as a mint body but does have a slight dent near the strap hook. Happy to send close up photos of it on request. The lens were bought from KEH and Adorama. The 45 and 90 were purchased new and the 28 was mint.

I live in Australia and shipping is quite costly via UPS. All duties and other import charges are the buyers to pay. As of Australian export law I must show the correct vlaue of goods. All goods will be insured for shippment. I will except direct funds transfer or maybe paypal (if I can worj out how to receive money?).

G2 Body $US 375 + shipping approx $US 75 via UPS global express

28mm $US 195 + shipping approx $US 40 via UPS
45mm $US 165 + shipping approx $US 40 via UPS
90mm $US 165 + shipping approx $US 40 vai UPS

Open to offers and will consider a bulk purchase which of course will reduce shipping costs as well. Happy to send photos on request.