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Semi-Macro Bleeding Hearts and Tulip


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These are rather quick...simply resized, otherwise straight out of SPP.

The colors with the Foveon sensor and the SMC Pentax 100/4 Macro sure do POP!

I really don't think I need too much, if at all, post-processing. Perhaps some judicious Unsharp Mask, but maybe even not any of that.

I am so pleased with the SD-14!


  • Horizontal Hearts.jpg
    Horizontal Hearts.jpg
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  • Tulip Shine Resize.jpg
    Tulip Shine Resize.jpg
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Hi Laurence,

Nice shots! I really like the soft bokeh on the tulip, it very indiscriminately pops out of the background. Horizontal stranding of hearts is cool as well.

good job on both!


Guest .

High Laurence,

very nice colours you got there! :) I like picture 2 most! The shining-through light is very nice to look at.

See you with wonderful colours