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Sensor cleaning


New Member
Hi today I got a big surprise,after trying many times to get clean my f... sensor,I sended to a Nikon Service in Frankfurt.I got a lovely email whith a charge advice telling me that some one tried to clean the sensor whit a strong can air(novody did) and that maybe the sensor is broken and must be change.
To resume is that I tried to clean the sendor twice with a sensor swab and eclipse solution from microtool and I never used can air
This is what they want now just to clean the sensor the focussing screen and the mirror 172€ + shipping and if they have to change the sensor 224€ + 60€ working time
I decided just to clean it for 172
So take care out the are


Well-Known Member
Flippin'eck. Maybe I'll stick to film after all
€284 must be about a quarter of the purchase price of the camera.


New Member
Hi Aravind
I cleaned the camera my self,but I couldn t get clean at all so after I send it to Nikon got this nice surprise