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Sensor overburst (how to avoid)


Well-Known Member
I'm quite happy with my SIGMA SD9 and the 18-50 lens but for one strange issue: When shooting scenes with bright sky backlighting the scene, I use to get some... sensor overburst? and the blues turn greens.
Just an example:


Have any of you experienced this?.

Any suggestions to avoid this would be very welcome.
Thanks in advance,

Guest .

Hi Jes,

your pic is clearly overexposed ... so far so good.

The SD9 should expose correctly with this scene. You should not go for spot-metering here but for multi-segment metering. Otherwise, the comparatively dark trees in the scene push up exposure too much.

Another option is, that your aperture does not work properly?!

That is .. the camera says F-stop 8.0 but the aperture clamps mechanically?! So it does not close correctly for mechanical reasons ... I once had that problem with one of my 18-50 Dc lenses.

Just go for a test! Have your SD in (M)-mode and adjust aperture to F:22.

Then hit the aperture button (lefthand side from the lens) and watch, if it works properly. You also can watch, if the viewfinder then darkens properly.

See you with nice pictures