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Setting 12stops in manual mode


When working in manual mode how is it possible to set a speed comprised between 2 speeds of the dial ring ?


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You can only set the aperture at 1/2 stops as the shutter dial does not allow for inbetween settings.>


Can anyone tell me this. In my ST, I move the aperture ring from one stop to another, and in the middle, it actually reads out the half stop in between. Now, does this actually mean that it can set the aperture as half stops? And if so, how accurate is that, compared to the whole stops? Is this just a design function that has no practical application?


As Gary said, the aperature is where you can make your 1/2 stop or 1/3 stop adjustments and it is accurate. Well, as accurate as the person who has set the stop anyway. Besides I don't think you need to be worried about negligable accuracy since I don't think the human eye will ever detect the difference between 1/2 stop and 7/16 stop if you're off that slight bit.

For ex&le if you took a reflected meter reading of say 1/60th second at f5.6 of boulder that is slightly lighter than a grey card value, you would want to open up 1/2 a stop. You then turn your aperature ring until it is half way between f4 and f5.6, leave your speed at 60 and shoot. Only the aperature should be used this way, never the shutter speed dial. Hope this helps. -Lynn


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Your observation is right, when you are in automatic mode with aperture preset: Then the time is set appropriate to the aperture chosen, not only in half steps but much finer. In manual mode or in auto mode with time preset it is only possible to set the times indicated at the time wheel.



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With the RTS II, the manual says to adjust the aperture so that the shutter speed indicated in the view finder is steady on one value even in Av mode; which means no inbetween shutter values in manual mode nor in Aperture Priority mode. >


Half-stop shutterspeed settings: I believe we've had this discussion earlier.
In Manual Exposure Mode EXACT 'half-way' speeds are possible, but the procedure is somewhat elaborate; it can be deduced from the instructions concerning the A.B.C. Mode [pp. 140-145 of the Instr.Manual]:

+ set the Drive Mode to "S"
+ be sure Custom Function #2 (shooting order of A.B.C. mode) is set to "1" (i.e. shooting order: over – standard – under)
+ set the A.B.C.-lever to "+/-0,5"
+ set the shutterspeed dial at the speed that you want to slow down by 0,5EV; for instance set 1/60 if you wish to shoot at 1/45, set 500 if you wish to shoot at 1/350.
+ shoot ONE frame.
+ return the A.B.C.-lever to its "0"-position
+ set the A.B.C.-lever to "+/-0,5" again if you want to shoot an other frame at a 'half-way' speed.
+ reset lever
Tiresome, i'nnit?

Unlike exposures generated in Tv, Av and P by the camera's computer, in Manual Exposure Mode shutterspeed settings represent EXACT speedvalues.
1/60 was, is, will always be 1/60: next minute, tomorrow, last year, whenever.
As the aperture ring also has fixed positions, consequently all exposures that are set in Manual Mode can be reproduced.
Hope, DavidB, this answers your question (October 07, 2003 - 3:00 pm), Sonny


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Your procedure doesn't serve Maddav, who has an RTS III. ABC for this camera is always normal, over, under. Applicable procedure to get 1/90s:

+ Set ABC to 0.5
+ Set Shutter Speed to 1/60s
+ Set Drive Mode to Double Exposure
+ Cover lens
+ Shoot a dark frame
+ Uncover lens
+ Shoot real image
+ Set ABC to 0

Are we having fun yet? :)


If the RTSIII's A.B.C.-order is normal-over-under, shouldn't one [after the first, blank frame] set a shutterspeed of 1/125 to get 1/90 (= 1/125 + 0,5EV)?


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Sonny, thanks for the correction. As a practical matter, half-stops on the aperture ring are the method of choice, although I wish Contax used half-stop detents. Leica gets this right.


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> As a practical matter, half-stops on > the aperture ring are the method of choice, although I wish Contax > used half-stop detents. Leica gets this right.

I wish there were NO detents at all ;-)