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Settings help


I've just bought a Sigma Macro180 to go with my Canon 40D.

I am taking pictures of engraved steel plates measuring about 180cm across and with no flash, usually on an overcast day.
The camera has to be at a distance of about 4.5 feet to get everything in.

Light is very important with this and also to get a positive and not negative image of the engravings.

The engravings are usually flat but from time to time they are curved so I need more depth of field then.

My question is:- what would be the best settings for these shots. ISO, shutter, f stops etc.

Thanks for any help.


Well-Known Member
Could you post a sample image with your settings...and I might be able to help with a little closer...

Tony C. :z04_cowboy:


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I have been engraving and also taking my own pictures for about 30 years, up until now I have used 35mm and digital cameras, my latest 40D I have been using a Sigma 28 to 70 with some really good results, I was just wondering what the ideal settings were for this makro.
I will post some pictures least you will see what i'm taking and what i'm doing be it wrong or right.:)


I tried posting a picture yesterday morning but I had a message that the administrator had to ok it! Infact I tried twice.