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Several BW 55mm filters for B&W photography and 49mm Pentax polarizer


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I have few filters I no longer need, take a look and let me know what you want.

B+W filters below that I list for $12 are technically brand new. I bought them two years ago, but never even opened them because I have been using other filters I got.

B+W 55mm Yellow Orange (040) - $12

B+W 55mm Light Yellow (021) - $12

B+W 55mm Yellow Green (060) - $12

B+W 55mm Red Orange (041) - $10 (this one has been used, but is in nearly perfect condition)

I also have 49mm filter circular polarizer made by Pentax. As far as I know it is multicoated, but I might be wrong. Usually "SMC" designation on Pentax lenses means multicoated. This filter doesn't have such designation. Here is a link:

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Judging by the market price of this filter though I'm pretty sure it's multicoated (street price is around $65). I have used it only once, so it's in perfect condition. I'm selling the filter for $45.


PAYMENT: by PayPal or USPS money order

SHIPPING: If you buy all five filters, I will ship them FREE via FedEx Ground. If you buy the four B+W filters listed, shipping will be flat $5 to your business address or $7 to your home address(I will still ship via FedEx Ground though).

If you buy any of them separately - I will ship via USPS Priority Mail or FedEx Ground at actual cost.