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SF20 vs SF24


Active Member
I wanted a small pocket fill in flash that I can throw in my bag and carry around. SF20 was a perfect choice but than I saw the SF24. I own M6TTL and int he future I hope to purchase D2. I do mostly landscape/outdoor work but every now and than I get a wedding or a portrait work. I pretty much wrote off Sf20 as a simple P&S flash... What sort of advantages I would get with the SF24?

Thank you for your answers and Merry Xmas.



Active Member
They are exactly the same flash except for some minor changes in the electronics (SF-24 has 1/3 stop steps; SF 20 has 1/2 stop steps; SF-24 has slightly more aperture choices in A mode). The SF-24 has a tele-focuser which gives it its 24 meter GN reading, it's not any more powerful than the SF-20.