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Shadow Recovery


This was posted from Marc Williams in the ND-thread and I copied it additional here:

A note to all ND users. Today I posted a few snapshots taken in fairly contrasty conditions.
It demonstrates the wonderful dynamic range of the ND.

However, some of the shots were accomplished using a few 3rd party designed PhotoShop actions I've found VERY valuable for digital cameras, and even more important for the ND. So. I thought it important to share them with you.

One is called " Shadow Recovery". It's an action that lifts the shadowed areas without effecting the other tonal areas. It really works with the NDs excellent dynamic range. By exposing for the highlights and letting the blacks go, you get rich color and no blown whites. When processing, you run the action before increasing color saturation and the shadow areas open back up.

Another one is called "Chroma Noise Reducer" which also is very valuable when used with the ND files.

There are more, but this is enough for now.
They are available a
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for small $. They are then e-mailed to you along with easy instructions how to load them into your PhotoShop folder.