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Sharpening IN Camera


Well-Known Member
The camera I had previously ,Minolta Dimage 7i ,had a facilty for sharpening the picture IN CAMERA . I cant see such a facilty in the Canon D10. If it is there I would have thought it would be in the Custom Settings but I cant see it . Anyone know ???


New Member

Sure. To adjust in-camera sharpening and several other parameters if you

Go to--

1. Menu
2. Parameters. It'll likely be set to "Standard"
3. Press the "execute" button--the button in the center of the "big wheel"
on the camera back.
4. Select "Set Up" from the "Parameters" menu (use the wheel to get there,
then the button to select it)

5. In "Set Up" select "1" with the wheel--number is in box upper right hand
of screen. You don't have to use "1" but you might as wheel use it the
since you'll be setting up your _first_ custom parameter.

6. Adjust contrast, sharpness, saturation and color tone as desired.
Use wheel to get to desired parameter, press button, then use wheel to
parameter, button to set it, and then wheel to move on OR use "Menu" at
any point to leave with "Set 1" (in this
ex&le) set up and ready for use.

7. Go back to "Parameters" in main menu and select the parameter set you
want to use, i.e, Standard, Adobe, Set 1, Set 2 and so on.

Once you've done it a few times, the manipulation goes pretty fast. Hope
this helps. Good luck.

Don Forsling