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Shift lens on digital SLRs


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I have a Schneider PC Super Angulon 28mm shift lens with a C/Y mount for my RX. It is the same lens marketed under Leica's name for its shift lens. A wonderful lens. Schneider sells mounts for Nikon, Pentax and other SLRs but not for Leica. I had thought of using it with a R8 or R9 but am really not in the market for a $5,000 Leica digital back. I am thinking of a Nikon D70 or D100 or a Pentax IstD or even IstDS. I like the idea of a lightweight system. I shoot mostly architecture but not professionally and loved using the shift lens.

Question if I get a Nikon mount, will it work with a digital SLR. With chip size being smaller than 35mm frame size are there any problems? What would be the resulting focal length.

Any suggestions?




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> I have contax 35 pc that I use on a canon 20D which is almost the same as a d70. The lens works, but you get a 1.6 crop factor. >


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Salim,which c/y lens adaptor do you use for the 20D? I have heard and seen picture that the C/Y lens scratch the body in some cases.


Stan, if you get the Schneider PC Super Angulon 28mm f2.8 for a Nikon mount you will get a result of a 42mm F2.8 PC lens since Nikon DSLRs crop factor is a 1.5. However, with these lens you can take 3 images one in the center one on each side and stitch them together you will get a wider angle than the regular 42mm.

If you get the one with a Leica mount you can mount it on the Canon DSLR or Leica if not now but may be in the future.

If you get it for a Nikon mount you can also mount it on the Nikon DSLRs and Canon DSLRs. Either way you can mount to two potential brand name DSLRs.