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Shooting connected to laptop


New Member
can anyone tell me how to shoot with a laptop and tv hook up for event photos. I have a friend doing this with canon rebel with canon software that came free with the camera. It saves it to the memorie card and tv monitor for the subject to see, as it saves it to the laptop where his assitent sells the customer while he shoots the next. I have shot nikon since 1976. Do I need to change to canon.
I have nikon capture 4 now and it can't do this. It will save to laptop or video not both. thanks


> Hello, there's original camera software for Nikon Digital SLRs called > Camera Control Pro. Free 30-days trial downloadable from registered > Nikon user's panel at Nikon's www. Easy to use and has full camera > operation panel from Your computer. Good luck. Karol


New Member
I should have said that I tried the free demo control pro with no luck. I spoke of this with nikon tech support. They said they do not support this, but he heard of it being done, but they don't support it. Looks like I will be buying 5 new canon XTi's in the next few months. Really hate to leave Nikon, but seems they are behind the curve on this, and don't care to catch up.