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Shutter blockedFilmtransport lame


New Member
I hope someone can help me to solve this problem.
My R3 electronic does not activate the shutter nor does it transport the film. The timer does block at about 3/4 of its travel. I am living in Belgium and one option is to send the camera to Solms, but I wonder if it's worth the cost. I have opened the bottomplate but did not see anything wrong.


Send it to Solms and get an estimate. My understanding is that, if you decide NOT to have it repaired, it will be sent back to you free of charge within the EU. So by sending it all you can lose is the shipping cost from your place in Belgium to Solms.

Just regular maintenance is 152.6 Euros (see
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so the repair will probably be expensive. But still cheaper than getting an R8 or R9!

Good luck,