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Shutter frozen



i just bought a used X-370n and the shutter seemed to be froze, i checked out a few sites and found out that there might be a blown capasitor, a common problem i see, with this model. i'm looking to see where i need to go to fix this prob without dumping a lot of $$. any suggestions?


Hi Sean,

I really would send the camera to Minolta directly. If you send it to a dealer, he will do nothing else then also to send it to Minolta and charge you a premium for his work.

Normally Minolta should give you for free an cost-estimate and then it is up to you to decide whether to repair it or not.




"...i just bought a used X-370n and the shutter seemed to be froze..."

Have you been able to fix it or did you not send it to Minolta?



Did you make sure there is a new battery ? did you make shure it ist the right battery ?

It did happen to me, i thought the camera was broke, but the new battery I did put in was not working.

good luck