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Shutter sound at long times


New Member
When i use shutter speeds below 1/8th of a second it sound as if the mechanics are not in sync with the shutter...I mean you still hear a sound (like a mech self timer running down) even when the shutter already closed. The longer the shutter time, the longer it lasts

The body recently had a CLA so I guess it is normal, I really don't use these times often so can't remember hearing them before



As far as I know all Leica M's do this kind of mech clock timer noise that lingers on even after the shutter cloth is closed, below 1/15th of a second. My M3's do this as well as my M6TTL. The one that does not do such a sound is the Leica CL ( M mountmade by Minolta under Leitz License ) as it must have a totally different shutter block.