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Shutter Speed and flash


New Member
I feel as though to most of you this may be a silly question that I should already know but here it goes. Why can't I use a faster shutter speed then 1/200 sec. when using my flash?

I am taking pictures of someone wakeboarding and need a shutter speed of about 1/1250 to stop the action and when I try and use my flash my camera will not allow me to take any pictures at this shutter speed. When I turn my flash off and take the pictures at 1/1250 sec. the pictures are underexposed and need additional lighting!



Well-Known Member

I'm not sure, but I think this is a mechanical/ technical problem. Your flash just doesn't go any faster...

There is a way to overcome this problem, but honestly, I hardly use my flash and don't know too much myself. Maybe someone else has a more funded answer.

Cheers from Basel (Switzerland)


New Member
flash sync is limited to 250, because of electronics... try raising the iso speed to 800 or higher and that may help with exposure.


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This is the problem whit DSLR or SLR cameras, the sync speed of the flash. If you use a shutter like the one in slr or dslr cameras, you cant use faster speed on your shutter than 1/200 or 1/250. It´s technical matter. Try to use higher ISO to stop the motion.
But you should freez the motion whit your flash, try to change exponation on your camera to the scond curtain. Look in your manual, it should be there.