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Sigma 10-20mm EX or 18-250mm


New Member
Hello everyone

Just joined this forum and happy to find a Sigma forum.

My wife surprised me, by purchasing a Canon 7D. She is leaving me the job of finding what lenses I want.

I have been looking around and I am interested in the Sigma 10-20mm EX lens, but thought would it be more advantageous to purchase the 18-250mm.

I understand the two lenses are different but as a beginner I am thinking could the 18-250mm do what the 10-20mm is designed for?

All advise is helpful.
Kind regards.



I would suggest You to take 18-250, because it has biger range, from wide to tele. After a while you will find out what you like to photograph and what kind of lens suite you best. 10-20 is very specific lens due to its wide angle. And if youre a beginer you might find it unuseful sometimes. When you start to photograph you will find out wheather you like to take portraits, lanscape, macro, ... and the you will have to buy more equipment to fulfill your wishes.


Well-Known Member
+1 with will miss more opportunities if you get the 10-20...the 18-250 is a great walk around lens...and would be a good catch all lens when you go on trips...My 18-200 and 28-135 stay on my two IR cameras all the time..just because it will let me get a little closer....

Now like Vigor said...if you choose to go landscape not a better lens...expcially for your canon crop factor of 1.6 the 10-20 becomes a 16-32 hence the 18-250 becomes a 28.8-400....

I will post some pictures to help illustrate....

First the 18-200mm at different lengths...





Now the 10-20mm



I hope this helps you out...I know it is not the same subject would probably make it better...the 10-20 is a specialized lens...I do keep it in my kit..for those wide open area shots....nothing is wider except a fisheye...

Let us know what you decide...

Tony C. :z04_cowboy: