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SIGMA 105mm 2.8 EX MACRO

Guest .

Hi All,

although I am very much in Macro photography, I have never had a SIGMA MACRO lens.

The other day I coincidently had the opportunity to buy a second hand 105mm EX.

Unfortunately, I had not the chance to test it a lot so far ..... my first impression however is fairly promising. :)

These ones are open apperture .... impressively sharp, I find.

Sample 1.jpg Sample 2.jpg

Who has got more experiences with that lens ore more "telling" pictures to show??!

See you with nice pictures


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Hi Jim, Hi All,

Honestly said, I would not have gone for that expensive lens, because my "cheap" macro-solutions have always resulted in very brilliant image results.
It just was a bargain.

Well, I extremely like my photo-plunder ... and so I do like this very good-looking lens. I never give anything away ....

The point is, whether I will be able to even top my own image results?!

The shot below was done with a "cheap" 28-80mm HF MACRO


This one with a 18-200mm DC at the bellows


Well, I will see if the new "luxury-lens" can do even more ... as soon as I will have the opportunity. :)

See you with nice pictures



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great shots

That made up my mind on which macro. Now it would be nice to score a good used one.........................Tom C


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Good work, Klaus.

I would (almost) lay down my life for mine. :) One of it's great features is that it can do 1 : 1 macro work, but make sure you have the Limit/Full switch set to Full to enable this feature.

Sincere regards, Jim R

Guest .

Thanks for all the nice comments! :)

Well, the next macro-season will come up for sure. I am very much looking forward then to the 105mm EX.

See you with nice pictures



105mm 2.8 ex dg macro

Golly,I bought this lens last week, 2nd hand from Amazon, it's wonderful, but due to there currently being no flowers or many insects in the northern hemisphere at the mo, I'm currently shooting indoor plants and what not, I'm using her on a canon 7d, I love it so much, I recommended it to a friend who bought one for her Nikon D60.....but we can't figure out how to lock the aperture!! What a couple of dizzy blonds!!
Toodle pip!!


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