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sigma 150-500mm problem


New Member
Hi all, I have a 150-500mm apo with image stabiliser. It is quite noisy when the image stabilser is activated, making like a motor running sound and a click after a couple of seconds when it has finished. It works fine, just irritatingly noisy.... anyone else had this problem? any cure?


Well-Known Member
All of the OS models will have that noise it the motor...if you think it is too Sigma...and let them take a look at it...make sure you send it with a copy of the reciept...

I have an 80-400 and 50-500 that is quite noisy also...

Tony C. :z04_cowboy:


When using OS, my 120-400mm makes a clunking noise after focusing. When using the camera outside, the noise from the lens is barely audible; but that's probably because the shutter noise from my canon is enough to wake the dead.