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Sigma 18-200mm DC OS / 105mm EX MACRO light experiment


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Trying something different with the 18-200mm DC. This lens is very fine. Looking through the shots in this forum helped me to decide on it, as opposed to the other fine lens that sigma make.


ISO50 F6.3 1.6s 18-200 DC OS @200mm raw lo. I experimented with several different lens with this setup.

good luck with your pictures,



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Klaus it is a college graduation tassel. It is posed in front of my microwave door, adjacently lit by a red and blue 25watt light. Front lit by dim soft white to make the yellow gold outline pronounced. I have to give credit where credit is due. Your macro photo of the fork inspired this setup. Did you feel deja vu when you saw this?

This shot is with the 105 macro.
and the exif
ISO50 F6.3 5.0s raw lo spot and no crop

another with 105 with water drops for effect and moved further from background
ISO50 F10 30.0s evaluative and no crop

this is what the tassel looks like without effect light
ISO50 70-300 Macro @300mm F5.6 1.0s (-.7ev) evaluative

good luck with your pictures,


Guest .


Secret revealed!!! :) Thank you very much! It takes ideas to have interesting pictures!! Do not show people things they can see everywhere ... show them things (in perspectives) which are unconventional ... that makes a picture!

See you with innovative pictures