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Sigma 30mm f14 fourthirds lens pictures


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I recently picked up a new Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens to use as a fast 'standard' lens on my E-300. The 14-54 is a great lens but I really missed the narrow depth of field of the f1.4. I am very happy that Sigma decided to put the Four-Thirds mount on this lens as it is a bargain and the quality so far seems more than adequate for my purposes.

I posted some informal test shots to see if the focus was good in low light, and if the lens was really usable wide open. Good news! It focuses fine, though not as fast as my Zuiko 14-54mm, and it has good sharpness in the plane of focus even at the edges of the field. For critical focus wide open I had to touch-up the focus, but that's what I'd do anyway - this is f1.4 after all! Take a look and see what you think... this looks like a good all around lens with nice 'pop' wide open. For $400 it is a great bargain. I wonder what that new Leica 25mm Summilux will run (my guess is three times the price)... but I'm sure to want one of those once I try it anyway!

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- marc


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Hi, Marc - A quick question - Have you noticed any problem with backfocus with the Sigma lens? Well, two questions actually - and when you say 'slow' autofocus - is it slower than the Olympus 50 f 2?

B. D.


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> For anyone interested I posted a detailed critique of the Sigma 30mm (including back focus issue) with loads of images on my website. Go to
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. I haven't got the ZD 50mm macro so I can't compare its speed. Against the ZD14-54mm it is slightly slower but less prone to not locking in. The HSM seems more robust (difficult to quantify). The more I use the 30mm the more I appreciate it - but I suppose that applies to most things. I have no regrets and can find no major faults, but it depends what you want from a lens. It won't be to everyones liking. Thanks, John Foster. >