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Sigma 50-500mm lens - your experiences wanted please


New Member
Hello everyone

I've got a sigma 50-500mm lens which I use for wildlife shots, and it is brilliant, when it is working.

It is now nearly 4 years old, collects dust on the inside as apparently Sigma do not seal the lenses, the coating is coming off and the thread at the barrel end is also coming off.

I just wondered if anyone else has one of these lenses, and if you have experienced similar problems.

Just as importantly, I am looking to hear from anyone who has this type of lens that is still perfect, and how long you have had it (especially if you have had it a number of years).

Also, whilst owning the lens, were you aware that Sigma have a policy (or so they tell me) whereby they expect you to send it back for a service every 1 - 3 years? And that service costs around £100?

Look forward to hearing from you.


Well-Known Member
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Hi, HobbitJane!

If you're new here, welcome!

I have been using this lens for around 3 years now and in that time it has worked flawlessly.

Living in Australia, I have used it in a wide variety of localities, from the snowy mountains in the south east, to the outback desert areas near where I live. Temperature extremes have included -20 Celcius to 50 Celcius.

I do carry my equipment in a very good protective backpack, but once I stop at a location and expose them to the elements, they have to withstand the rigours for days at a time as I regularly camp out until the assignment is completed.

Back in the studio, each piece's exterior is thoroughly cleaned and sensors are cleaned when required.

Sincere regards, Jim Roelofs


New Member
Many thanks for that Jim, that is very useful to know. Our experiences of this lens are very different even though it sounds as though we both use it for very similar purposes.