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Sigma converted to Canon....


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I saw this on FM-Forum tonight.....

This guy has been able to mount a canon EOS and make the Auto-focus work...I guess I invested in the wrong lenses...LOL

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His photo site...with the conversion...
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photos: copyright Michael Przewrocki



I have asked for his email address to send him an invite...

Tony C.


Hi Tony,
My name is Jerry Boyd and that is my gallery. Michael left a comment there, inexplicably to Luis. Oh well, confusion abounds I guess.
I hadn't noticed my old post on FM was drawing comments again, thanks for pointing it out.



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It is such a great job you have done there.

I know it was a really though conversion, but now that you know the quirks, how much time do you think you would use on #2, if you decided to?
I guess, what I ask is, if someone commersialised the conversion, how much time would they look at for converting one unit?

One more question, how did you get a EF mount?

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Sorry about that...I am glad you did not mind....I just thought everyone here should know about it...

Maybe one of the mod's can fix the names for me....sorry about that...

Tony C.


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Hi Oyvind and thanks,
The camera must be completely disassembled and the mirror box removed to do the conversion. The good news is that unlike the SD9 and SD10, the SD14 is a relatively easy camera to work on.
If the components for the conversion were available, already manufactured to fit the SD14. The process of disassembly and reassembly could be done in 8 hours easily. Probably much less with practice and repetition.
As for how long it takes me to do a conversion is another matter entirely. In fact I really don't know. I tinker with stuff like this as a hobby, and as with all my other hobbies, I tend to get distracted and lose track of the time I spend at it.
I will be starting another conversion in a few days. I'll try to keep a step by step log and get some idea of how long each step takes.
The majority of my time is spent painstakingly hand modifying the various components so that they fit together and can be installed in the correct orientation to accommodate the wider and deeper EF lens bayonet and contacts.
The following components need to be modified for this conversion. (and the source)
Mirror box
Focus screen cover
EF-S mount (Canon 300D)
EF-S mount lens locking pin (Canon 300D)
EOS mount tension spring ring (Sigma EOS 1.4X EX APO Tele-Converter)
EOS pinset module (Canon 300D)
SA pinset module
Flash and DOF preview button flex circuit
Flash and DOF preview button return spring bracket
Dust protector
Front cover

In the USA the 300D parts can be ordered from Canon and the spring ring from C.R.I.S.