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Sigma converted to Nikon F mount...


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Nikkor 200mm F2.0 ISO 200...

These are a little blurry, Using a manual F2 lens handheld

(I know sorta crazy, but I thought it might be fun to try..:z04_head_wall:)










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All these pictures were from Galveston, Texas....this next set is a boat that was thrown into a parking lot near the port were the cruz ships take off.....




Please I welcome all coments...still trying to learn shooting manual focus...

Thank you in advance!

Tony C.


Well-Known Member
Opps....I did not mean to post all these in one area...sorry all but thank you for looking..

Tony C.

Guest .

Hi Tony,

really nice shots ... thanks for sharing! :)

If I did not know, I would naver have thought that they all are done with "NON SIGMA SA) lenses. The image quality seems very good indeed.

Just have another look here ....

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These shots have a green tint for my opinion. Just correct the white balance??!

See you with nice pictures



New Member
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Hallo Tony

I am a Nikon User but have a SD14 and one macro, yesterday i did order one more SA lens, but i would be interested still how to use the Nikkors on SD14.

Do you reach infinity with focus?

Do you use a adapter or did you modify the SA mouth?

would you mind to share your findings?




Well-Known Member
Awesome pics Tony,
I agree with Klaus about the green tint on the first ones of the geese.
I love the birds in the surf series. The cargo ships are great too. It looks like there's still some debris from the hurricane that hit there a while back (Ike I think).

How did you attain focus with your MF lenses? Did you leave the "beep" on to tell you when it was in focus? Change the screen?

Thanks for sharing!


Well-Known Member
Hi Tony,

Nice shots! I like the geese, and its 3 for 3 on the greenish ,,,,, I did see it in the neck most pronounced.

As for the shorebirds, excellent!! :) :) :) I love those shorebirds and the challenge of shooting them.. You did great and I look forward to seeing many more!! (hint) ;)

That is awesome to catch that big beak in flight and using manual focus. :z02_respekt:

I use the green focus confirmation light in the bottom of the view finder; is the confirmation light the item you use? or can you actually see what you are focusing on?

good luck birding,



Well-Known Member

I did not know I had these messages here...sorry all....been out of town..

Joaquin100...the answer is yes....the adapter lets you focus to are the issues...1. Most of the G lenses do not work...due to the fact that the aperture is controlled by the I have gone to manual AiS lenses...I do have a few lenses that I like that are AF that I have to use on Manual mode..(not an issue for me...I like the older lenses...)

You have to take the SA mount off the camera and put the F mount yes your SA lenses don't work....however, since the Sigma SD-14 are so cheap...I bought another one....I have one that is SA and the other is Nikon F....

Here a few threads you might find useful...
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Let me know if you have anymore questions...

Avk and Robert....Ya I know the Geese are green....first attempt with the Nikon F mount on the SD-14....I just shoot with both eye's open and when I have what I want to shoot I take the shot...the Focusing dot in the bottom..does work too..however...I found due to the difference of lenses...and again these were not made for the get back and front focus issues....unless shooting Macro...this is probably my camera..and I know there is a way to adjust this...but found it easier to just do it the old fashion way....:z04_photos:...I always try to take two or three pictures...of the same subject....never fails that I move or it moves...Digital makes life so much better...The mount lets you use the camera just like the SA lenses...but only Manual.....

Hope this helps...

Let me know if you have any more questions....and sorry it took me so long to get back to you...

Tony C.


Active Member
Nice work!

I'll be making the switch over to the Nikon mount with the release of the SD15. :)